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TERMS & CONDITIONS will provides professional first line support to all customers under license or potential customers who are using our software within a 30 day trial period. Support queries will be responded to within no more than 48 hours. Support will covers installation, program malfunctions and software operation. will provides support through email and if necessary over the phone; will not provide onsite support unless specifically under special agreement with the client. Any onsite visits will be charged at an extra call out rate.

NON DISCLOSUER will automatically enters an agreement of non-discloser with all clients and with anyone who discloses information of a confidential / sensitive nature with PAYEsoft. This will covers any form of data or information of any kind. This agreement will be honored indefinitely.

This document was last updated on February 05 2019

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Welcome to the PAYEsoft website. We are an economically competitive company, committed to producing Productive Windows Software. Our software helps people in their day to day jobs and is good value for money.