Q. Getting database is read only error.

If you get this error, it's because you don't not have read-write access to the payslip storage database.

This is normally cased when an IT administrator installs the software for you, but your windows user name has a lower permission level to them.

To fix this problem, ask whoever installed the software to grant you read/write access to
c:\program files (x86)\CFTv[version #]\Taxcalc.mdb file or copy the database file to a place you do have read-write access to.

For more information about the moving the payslip storage database, see FAQ#2 How to move the Payslip storage database.


Q. How to move the Payslip storage database.

You may want to move the default location of the payslip storage database. Perhaps to a location that is regularly backed up like "My Documents" or a network drive for people who may log in from different computers.

You can change the database location that "Timesaver:Calc for Tax" looks for when it starts up, by editing the desktop shortcut. this also works for the start menu shortcut.

Right click the shortcut and select properties. Where it says target, append to the existing path a space and the new location of the Taxcalc.mdb file.
i.e. C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Calc for Tax payslips\Taxcalc.mdb

Q. How can it help my business?
Manual calculations are time consuming - time which could be used more profitably elsewhere. Timesaver: Calc for Tax is designed expressly to assist anyone who must manually calculate Gross to Net and Net to Gross figures for payslips or to check P45’s. It instantly removes the need for tax and NI tables and produces a printed payslip on standard A4 paper.

Q. What can it do?
You can quickly ascertain whether P45 figures are correct. For payslips enter the payments and deductions including pension rates and the software will calculate the tax, NI and pension due. There are calculators to help work out overtime, part period payments and tax credits.

Q. Will the software run on Windows XP and Vista?
It will run on Windows 95 upwards and needs a computer which has 64MB memory with 30MB disc space. Timesaver: Calc for Tax uses a run time version of Microsoft Access Database to store the payslip and other information. No further licence is required.

Q. Do you supply stationery?
No. Special stationery is not required. Payslips can be printed in three different formats on standard paper. If you have a copy of your logo in wmf format this can be added to the payslip.

Q. I prepare payments for more than one company. Can the software deal with this?
Yes. You have the option to enter a different company name for each payslip.

Q. Is it easy to use?
Timesaver: Calc for Tax is a Windows product so the screen layout will be familiar to Windows users. The main screen uses a tabbed box arrangement from which you can select Gross to net, net to gross or P45 checker. The P45 facility quickly calculates any discrepancy between the P45 figures and the correct level of tax due. The software switches easily from weekly, fortnightly, lunar or monthly payments, contracted in/out national insurance and can accommodate anomalies such as K tax codes. The manual is sold as a separate item as many people can use the system without additional help.

Q. How much does it cost?
The licences are for single users ie one licence per user.

1 licence = £35.25
10 user licence = £317.25
25 user licence = £775.50

Q. How can I copy over payslips from last year?
If you want to copy over your payslips from last year:

1. Open up windows explorer [WIN] + [E].
2. Browse to “C:\Program Files\NMHK06\.
3. Select the file named TaxCalc.mdb by clicking on it once.
4. Copy the file [Ctrl] + [C].
5. Browse to “C:\Program Files\NMHK08\.
6. Paste the file into this folder [Ctrl] + [V] and select overwrite when prompted [Enter].

It is better to do this before you start entering payslips in the new version because it will overwrite them with your payslips from last year, also note that you should not be running Calc for Tax while following these steps.

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