Welcome to the PAYEsoft website. We are an economically competitive company, committed to producing Productive Windows Software. Our software helps people in their day to day jobs and is good value for money..

PAYEsoft inc is a United States of America registered corporation set up by David Holmes and Peter Gransden to serve payroll and other software needs. The software that we develop is simply to achieve the job at hand in the most simplest way, without complicating things with bells and whistles.

Our Vision

We at PAYEsoft are a close group of people who strive to fulfil our word with open communication, passion and integrity; looking after ourselves and others with the same commitment and support. Our products grow with innovative open minded creativity from talented individuals within, and without exclusions from our customers' feedback and ideas. Our goal is to provide payroll solutions that don’t just do the job, but simplify the basic needs of the industry thereby taking pressure off the individual.


We are based in the US but support our client mostly in the UK. Peter Gransden, who is heading up development and support, is based in the Philippines.

David Holmes (Vice President)

(Secretary, Treasurer) Business and Sales Manager, David has 30 years experience in the pulp and paper industry, with a vast management skill set and training, including our favorite “Sensitivity Training”

Peter Gransden (President)

Development and technical manager, Peter has been developing payroll software for 7 years and developed Timesaver:Calc for Tax, amongst other successful software packages.

Emily Alinsoot (Senior Officer)

Personal assistant coordinator, Emily assists the everyday running of our office in the Philippines.

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